These are the works that have given my life meaning over the years. If some how one of these movies changes someone’s life for the better—even if it is just one person—it will all have been time well spent. I don’t make movies for the sake of escapism. I believe cinema should have an organic relationship with society. In other words, movies should be self reflective experiences.

Brian A. Crandall, Director of Nosferatu II

My standards for what makes a good movie are twofold. If my audience sees the world slightly differently if only for a brief moment, I feel like I’ve done my job as a director. If my audience is left with a sublime emotion that they are unable to describe with words, I consider myself a success. I can't claim to have accomplished either one of these goals, but they inform my decisions as a director. Thank you for watching!

Do Stuff Collaboration (2017)

Brian shares his amusing and sometimes edifying experiences living and working in the land of the morning calm.

Written and Directed by Brian A. Crandall
Produced by Soo Zee Kim and Leigh Cooper in association with Do Stuff

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Lost Boys (2016)

Coming of age music video about three young men from starkly contrasting backgrounds yet sharing a common yearning for their fathers.

Music by Matthew Marsh
Produced by Brian A. Crandall
Directed by Brian A. Crandall, Raphael M. Ubales, Paul Marques Duarte

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An Unforgettable Day (2015)

A love story about how love overcomes both culture and mediocrity. 

Written and Directed by Brian A. Crandall
Produced by Chris Weatherspoon

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Nosferatu II (2014)

The little known sequel to Murnau's classic vampire film.

Written and Directed by Brian A. Crandall
Produced by Brian A. Crandall

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One Way Ticket (2013)

An unscripted dark comedy making fun of digital nomads and travel vloggers. I apologize if this film offends anyone, but sometimes you just have to make art in a free flowing manner that doesn't take feelings or even production quality into account ;)

Directed by Brian A. Crandall

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I Dig Culture (2012)

A romantic effort in my twenties to develop a media channel that explores the fascinating topic of culture. Even though I Dig Culture is not in operation, someday it will return!

Founded by Kris Holowicki and Brian A. Crandall under the name The Silk Road TV
Rebooted by Brian A. Crandall, Maur Anne Griffonnet, and Kelley Swanberg

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Lake Effect (2009)

Full length movie about two social misfits breaking free from the chains of culture, experiencing love and true friendship, and pondering whether they can overcome fate.

Written by Brian A. Crandall
Directed by Alex Holowicki and Brian A. Crandall
In Association with Grand Valley State University

This isn’t everything! More videos coming soon :)
— Brian A. Crandall