The Lost Boys Project

Dean's first single: Lost Boys, combines soulful pop with mesmerizing vocal harmonics. Drawing inspiration from three distinct cultural backgrounds (France, Philippines, and South Korea), Lost Boys seeks to highlight the universal longing for youth to possess meaningful relationships with their fathers. The “Lost Boys Project" connected Matthew Dean Marsh, a terrific New York musician with three talented directors from France, South Korea and the Philippines.

Most of my young adult male friends were falling behind. The ones who seemed to suffer more were ones without an active relationship with their father. One evening, in a room of eight twenty-somethings hard pressed to find work, I asked about their fathers; they all shared one of three stories: Dad left, Dad’s a drug addict, or Dad died.
— Matthew Marsh

Lost Boys follows the lives of three young men facing heartbreaking circumstances. The stories in three different countries highlight specific social issues, but also draw attention to a universal need for young people to have an intimate relationship with their fathers. Nearly one hundred creative people volunteered their time and effort because they believed that what they were doing would contribute to the cause of inspiring youth to overcome their hardships with transcultural art.

Cast and Crew


Éric Lotoux, Charge de production
Chloé Renault, Directrice Artistique
Anna Payet, 1er assistant realisateur
Nicolas Perez, Storyboard
Luc Venries, Directeur de la photographie
Damien Lebagousse, Assistant camera
Anjelo Souny, Stagiaire camera
Sylvain Caret, Chef electricien
Pierre Corvaisier, Assistant Electricien
Pascal Mallejacq, Photographe de plateau
Marie Ronarc'h, Photographe de plateau
Quentin Sellin, Making of
Nina Jouchet, Chef costumiere
Anne-Laure Farez, Chef Maquilleuse
Yann Serrat, Chef decoration
Jérémie Duvall, Jeune Homme
Fabienne Rocaboy, Mere
Eddy Del Pino, Pere


Archie Manalo, Director of Photography
Rene Anselmo, Director
Jabielson Lising, Assistant Director
Iris Borgonia, Lost Boy
Suzanne Joyce Jimenez, Girlfriend
Michelle Seminiano, Production Coordinator
(Special Thanks to all the little Lost Boys)


Maur-Anne Griffonnet-Barge, Marketing Manager
Leigh Cooper, Editor
Kim Sook Young, Color Correction


Incheon Youn, Director of Photography
Juhei Yang, 1st AC
Gyeongmin Jo, 2nd AC
Eekjoong Jeong, Gaffer
Hyunmin Park, Lighting Assistant
Jeonghoon Lee, Lighting Assistant
Junwone Lee, Producer
Seongkwon Moon, Assistant Director
Tancredi Cocchi, Art Director
Sukyoung Han, Assistant Art Director/Translator
Deokbo Yu, Data Manager
Seonghyn Park, Lost Boy
Olivia Kim, Mother
Minzun Gwak, Father
TaeKyung Hyun, Girlfriend
Jieun Lee, Girlfriend 2
J-Min Yu, Extra 1
Laila Concilles Diazon, Extra 2
Karen Khelly, Extra 3
Suyeon Han, Extra 4
Deokbo Yu, Extra 5
Yongkyun Kim, Extra 6

Producer's reflections on the Lost Boys Project :