Lesson #11 - Name two things about yourself


Take a look the trends. We will discuss the topics in class.

Discussion Video 1

Watch as Key and Peele assemble their team to find Keanu. Try to keep track of all of the characters who introduce themselves. Below is a list of the team members.

Discussion Question

Next, answer the discussion question.

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Discussion Video 2

Please tell this simple story in your own words. What happens.

Extra Sketch Video

Discussion Video 3

Watch the next clip from Keanu and answer the discussion questions.

1.) Why are Key and Peele tied up?

2.) What is the problem (or conflict) in this scene?

3.) How is the problem in the scene resolved?

4.) What are Key and Peele thinking before they escape?

5.) What are Key and Peele thinking after they escape?

6.) What will happen in the next scene?