Lesson #10 - Be Specific!


Take a look at the latest trends and discuss them in class.

Discussion Question

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Sentence Patterns

Watch the video and then review the sentence patterns.

1.) At the restaurant, Jordan was frustrated.
2.) While ordering his food, Jordan was embarrassed.
3.) Yesterday Jordan was at the restaurant.
4.) Yesterday Jordan was on a date.
5.) While on a date, Jordan tried to speak French.
6.) Jordan couldn’t speak French well


Watch the video and the make appropriate sentences.

Movie Clip

Watch the movie clip and then answer the questions.

Discussion Questions

1.) Why are the two main characters upset?

2.) What are they fighting about?

3.) How do they settle their dispute?

2nd Video Clip

Watch the 2nd clip and answer the discussion questions.

Discussion Questions

1.) Why do Key and Peele look uncomfortable?

2.) Who are they talking with?

3.) What are they talking about?

4.) What is the conflict in the discussion?

5.) How is the conflict resolved?

6.) What is going to happen next?