Lesson #8 - I'm not gonna cry

Last Jerry Maguire Lesson - I’m not gonna cry!


Look up the following keywords and answer the questions.

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Today’s sentence patterns


1.) I liked Jerry Maguire because the acting was good, the story was inspirational, and I’m a big Tom Cruise Fan.

2.) I disliked Jerry Maguire because the acting was bad, the story was boring, and I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise.

3.) Jerry Maguire was okay, but not amazing. The Acting was decent. The story was somewhat unique, and Tom Cruise did a pretty good job.


Share your personal thoughts on Jerry Maguire using the sentence patterns above.

Video Clip 1

Watching for the following sentence : I’m not gonna cry!

Discussion Questions

1.) Why does Cuba say he is not going (gonna) to cry?

2.) Why does Cuba cry?

3.) What is Tom thinking?

4.) What is Regina, Cuba’s wife, thinking?

Video Clip 2

Watch the video clip and then review the transcript of Cuba’s acceptance speech.


I know I have a little bit of time so I'm gonna rush and say everybody.
And you can cut away.
I won't be mad at you.
Tom said, “don't forget to thank your wife.”
I will never forget to thank my highschool sweetheart and the mother of my children, Spencer and Mason.
I love you Sarah. And my parents who are here, Shirley and Cuba the First.
And God. I love you. Hallelujah.
Thank you Father God for putting me through what you put me through, but I'm here.
And I'm happy. I just wanna. Before we go. Ok, the studio … I love you.
And Cameron Crowe. And Tom Cruise. I love you brother. I love you man.

Discussion Questions

1.) Who are Spencer and Mason?

2.) Who is Cuba the First?

3.) What is a highschool sweetheart?

4.) What do you think Cuba meant by saying “Thank you Father God for putting me through what you put me through, but I’m here?”

5.) Why did Tom say, “Don’t forget to thank your wife.”

6.) Do you think Cuba deserved the oscar or not? Explain why or why not.