Lesson #5 - Are we really friends?

I have a question.

I have a question.


Look up the keywords and answer the questions.

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Watch the video and then read the sentences associated with the video.

This is the sport of Hurling. For more info click here.

1.) The player hits the ball with his stick.
2.) John hits the ball into the net.
3.) Bill catches the ball with his hand.
4.) Fred crashes into another player.
5.) Tim runs down the field.
6.) Chris balances the ball on his stick.


Now choose one of the following clips, but do not show anyone which one you chose. Watch the video and write six sentences describing what you see. The teacher or one of your classmates has to guess which sport you are describing.

1.) Wayne Gretzky
2.) Barry Sanders
3.) Larry Bird
4.) John Cena
5.) Chloe Kim
6.) Sang-Hyeok Lee

Today’s sentences

-I have a question for you.
-Are we really friends?

Today’s Story

Next watch the following clip. Try to find the sentences.

Questions :

1.) Why does Tom ask, “Are we really friends?”

2.) Why does Cuba become angry?

3.) Why does Tom look so serious?

4.) What are Tom and Cuba fighting about?

5.) What happened before this scene?

6.) What will happen after this scene?