Lesson #4 - Help me help you!

Trending Google Searches

Look up these popular google searches and answer the questions.

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Sentence Patterns


1.) What is Kelly Preston doing?
2.) What is Tom Cruise doing?
3.) Is Kelly punching Tom?
4.) How is Kelly punching Tom?
5.) Why is Kelly punching Tom?
6.) Where is Kelly punching Tom?


-Watch the following video and write six questions similar to the patterns above.
-Respond to the questions with a partner.


Watch the movie clip and look for the following phrase :

Help me help you!

Discussion Questions

1.) Why is Tom Cruise saying “Help me help you?”

2.) What are Tom and Cuba talking about?

3.) Why is Tom angry?

4.) What do you think happened before this scene?

5.) What do you think will happen after this scene?