Lesson #3 - Listen to me. It's over!

Search Terms

Look up the google search terms and answer the questions.

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Regina King

Sentence Patterns

1.) I’m watching the Oscars.
2.) You’re watching the Oscars.
3.) She’s watching the Oscars.
4.) We’re watching the Oscars.
5.) You’re watching the Oscars.
6.) They’re watching the Oscars.


Choose a gif and make six sentences using the patterns above.

Story I

Watch the clip and try to find the following phrase :

Listen to me. It’s over!

Discussion Questions

1.) Who is the woman in the scene?

2.) Why are they fighting?

3.) What is the woman complaining about?

4.) Why does the woman punch Tom Cruise?

5.) What do you think happened before this scene?

6.) What do you think will happen after this scene?

Story II

1.) What questions does the reporter ask Tom Cruise?

2.) What does Tom Cruise think about Tom Hanks?

3.) How do you think Tom Hanks would play the Jerry Maguire role?