Brian A. Crandall

New media content leader producing podcasts about heroism and movies with a transcultural lens

By organizing and directing narrative art projects that facilitate dialogues of the mind, I hope to improve the cultures we live in by inspiring individuals to become their optimal selves.

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Hero and Me Podcast 

Brian A. Crandall Productions 

A certain thought leader trending on social media recently made a bold statement about business and life in general. His ideas disturbed me. He suggested that it isn’t enough to love one’s creative pursuit. It has to be your oxygen. In other words, it is the process itself that makes one’s dream worthwhile. Living the good life, to this philosopher, means being high on your passion all the time. I disagree. The high is a precious gift indeed. I won’t deny that. But the purpose of all creative pursuits is the object itself. Not the fuel. Or the oxygen. Or the feeling. In the pursuit of greatness, all things that bring us comfort and joy may abandon us, but the thing that gives us meaning, creations, forged with blood, sweat, and tears is what life is all about.
— Brian A. Crandall