Mark and Me Ep1 - Big Talk


Most famous literature is wordy and hard to understand. Luckily, Mark Twain isn’t just any author, he’s the great American storyteller. Twain was first and foremost a conversationalist. What can we learn from Twain’s canny sense of humor, and why don’t more people write like they talk?

This is episode one of Mark and Me! Leigh Cooper, co-creator of Do Stuff (YouTube Channel), revisits a poorly written college paper, an epic boxing match between two of America’s most prominent writers, and a best friend who doesn’t pull any punches, all in the name of telling it like it is.

Credits :
Written and directed by Leigh Cooper
Produced by Brian A. Crandall
Mark Twain, James Fenimore Cooper, Washington Irving, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow roles, and other voice work performed by Andrew Scott (
Music by Purple Planet (

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