Lesson #2 - How have you been?

Part 1

Please memorize this dialogue and practice together.

A : How have you been?

B : I’ve been good (bad).

A : What’s new?

B : I got my hair done.

A : How did you get your hair done?

B : I got my hair cut. (I got my hair permed)

A : It looks nice.

B : Thanks.

Part 2

Memorize the answers.


Q : What did Natalie Portman study?

Gina : Natalie Portman studied psychology.

Q : What does Natalie Portman do?

Gina : She pretends to be other people.

Q : What languages does Natalie Portman speak?

Gina : She speaks Hebrew and English.


Q : What does Natalie Portman look like?

Deokhyun : Natalie Portman has light brown hair.

Q : Is Jude Law British?

Deokhyun : Yes, Jude Law is British.

Q : Is Jude Law a spurs fan?

Deokhyun : Yes, he is.

Part 3 (Optional)

Answer the Questions.

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