Brian A. Crandall

July 2017 - Present 2018

Anthony Browne - The Musical

Video Marketing Campaign, Project Manager & Video Producer

  • Developed video concepts
  • Lead creative team from preproduction stages to post production
  • Directed video contents for all live action portions of production
  • Managed Facebook paid advertising campaign
  • Drafted web design layout for landing page
Anthony Browne The Musical Poster

The very first item of discussion that inevitably is brought up at the beginning of every marketing campaign is what makes our clients' product or service exceptional...

When I teamed up with KCMI in their adaptation of the world famous Anthony Browne children's book series into a musical, identifying our selling point was easier than expected.

Adapting a world renowned children's book into a musical...
What a daunting undertaking!
So many people fail at this because they are unable to bring out out the meaningful elements that make the original successful or they are simply incapable of giving the piece its own unique flair. Finding this balance is nearly impossible, but when it happens the result is miraculous.

Immediately after watching the rehearsal of Anthony Browne my doubts were dispelled. When judging if a story is capable of inspiring an audience the first two things I look for are depth in meaning and poignancy of expression. Anthony Browne : The Musical had both. The quality of the music, the emotional drive of the performances, and the artful structure of the plot captivated me. Most importantly this musical had the ability to inspire. So I signed on. At Hook Viral, I am currently in the process of letting everyone know what makes this musical a must see!

The quality of the music, the emotional drive of the performances, and the artful structure of the story captivated me. Most importantly to me this musical had the ability to inspire. So I signed on.
— A.

Anthony Browne - The inspiration behind the musical

This Video describes the background story of the musical--how KCMI CEO came to realize that he must make this musical happen. He describes the role that catharsis plays in Anthony Browne and how he worked hard to incorporate it into the viewer experience.

Anthony Browne Teaser Video, 

The top of the funnel for the Anthony Browne campaign. We used this video to collect critical information about our potential customers. Through our Facebook paid advertising, we were able to create a custom audience that yielded powerful results.

Instagram Video, sharing samples of the Anthony Browne music

Utilizing this video (and five other similiar pieces) we drove traffic to our landing page where interested customers could access Anthony Browne music and other multimedia resources. This video series was named at retargeting high engagement viewers and widening our audience to customers passionate about music.

November 2017 - Present 2018

Hyundai Motors Kona Driving School

  • Developed main concepts for proposal
  • Lead production of sample video which contributed to Hook Viral winning bid
  • Provided marketing consultation Services to Hyundai
  • Negotiated contract with Partner production company.

Currently Hyundai Motors and other large brands in South Korea are migrating their branded contents efforts away from youtube to the video channel of Korea's largest search engine, Naver TV. Marketers are still trying to figure out how to rank well on the popular platform. Hyundai motor's has assigned us task of developing and distributing branded contents that are both favorable to Naver users while also giving brand exposure to Hyundai Motor's new subcompact crossover SUV.

We are currently in charge of managing Hyundai's assets on their Naver TV channel called View H.

Kona Driving Solution A, displaying Hyundai's Smart Sensor function.

Kona Driving Solution B, displaying Hyundai's Smart Sensor function.

Jan 2017 - June 2017

Hook Viral Rebranding

  • Lead Market Research Project, managing team of employees from different departments
  • Acted as project manager for rebranding strategy development/execution
  • Drafted initial layout for Hook Viral's new web design
  • Conceptualized new mission statement

During my time as Creative Director at Hook Viral, I made it my priority to realign our brand image with the new and evolving services we were providing. Hook Media Company found its original success during the cat and baby YouTube video era and as a consequence the company was known for developing photo realistic videos with clear branding goals, but meant to look like "amateur videos." When I joined Hook Viral, the company was already evolving into an agency that produced commercials and branded content. It was essential that we revamped our website, so that potential clients could take us seriously as an agency that could produce glossy "high quality" videos.

(Below is the interface of our new website)

Present Hookviral Website

May 2016 - Present 2018

Email Marketing Campaign

  • Integrated email marketing strategy into company's overall workflow
  • Managed editorial team of employees from various departments
  • Developed email marketing content, resulting in high engagement

After working at Hook Media Company for almost two years, I came to realize that we were not using our full potential in terms of the life cycle of our clients. I generated new leads and renewed relationships with old clients by publishing and distributing email contents that both informed and inspired clients to get back into video marketing (with Hook Media Company of course!)

June 2015 - May 2016

Mystery Tour Web Series

  • Project management for content development and pitch to distributer
  • Managed team of directors, writers, and technical staff who produced web series' contents
  • Acted as line producer for the execution of Mystery Tour production

In my opinion the most attractive thing about traveling the world is experiencing all of those unexpected sidetracks which reshape the way we see the world. I took this sentiment with me as I produced this travel web series for a new video platform developed by SK.

Mystery Tour : Episode IV

Mystery Tour : Episode V

Mystery Tour : Episode VI

November 2015 - March 2016

Les Miserables Video Marketing Campaign

  • Developed Concepts for Winning Proposal
  • Acted as line producer for live action production, managing creative team
  • Liaison for communication between our agency and American CEO of advertiser

From a very early age I have been enamored with Les Miserables, the Musical. Therefore, it was a great honor for me to have played an important role in their marketing campaign. Les Mis might possibly contain the most hearting throbbing inspirational stories of all time. During this campaign, we needed to emphasize the value of seeing the musical live. At the time it had only been a few years since the release of the movie with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. Fond memories of the movie still being fresh in people's mind, we had a problem standing in the shadow of the Hollywood blockbuster. Why see the musical when there is an admittingly an awesome cinematic experience that tells the same story? Nevertheless, nothing beats seeing something live. I think we did a good job of driving home that point with these branded video contents.

Installation Piece with a twist

Everyday people thinking they are going to be reviewing new video technology end up watching an amazing live performance.

The Story of Les Miserables told with Social Media

One unique aspect of Les Miserables is that the story takes place over an extended period of time. With this branded content we told the story of Les Miserables with Social Media interface. Watch as the story unfolds and evolves with the nostalgic UI graphics.

Les Miserables Behind the Scenes Tour

Les Mis fans get a rare peak of what it looks like backstage.

April 2015 - March 2016

Lotte World Branded Content Campaign

  • Developed concepts for winning proposal
  • Production Planning, Project Manager
  • Acted as line producer during execution of productions

My first major project at Hook Media Company, I developed the creative for the proposal that won a bid for Lotteworld (the Disney Land of Seoul). The resulting contents generated renewed interest in arguably the oldest amusement park in Korea. At the time Lotteworld was facing tough competition from newer larger amusement parks located in the suburbs. Through our marketing efforts we were able to reassert the Lotteworld brand's image as youthful and dynamic.

Lotteworld Look Who's Talking!

Lotteworld 360 experience

How to ask someone out at Lotteworld

Lotteworld Halloween Night Party