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Davy Crockett Podcast?

On this day in 1836, my hero died unexpectedly while pursuing his dreams.  His motto was "be always sure you're right-then go ahead." He practiced what he preached and he lived an exceptional life as a storyteller and social activist. His intuitions lead him to both unprecedented achievements, but extreme hardships as well.  Even though he left this world prematurely just as his career was beginning, he lived a life as human beings were supposed to live -- Free and Passionatly.  This podcast is dedicated to him, David Crockett.

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Could music videos be the future of transnational cinema?

This project would be the fulfillment of a dream I had when I first moved to Korea, to produce something poetically transcultural, a work that might lack the visual spectacle of international blockbusters, but reincorporates the philosophical aspect of film that we may have drifted from with the advent of talkies.

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Does it matter what audiences think? My thoughts after working with YouTube creators.

What I appreciated about working with Soo Zee and Leigh is that they would let this piece slide even though we knew from its conception that it was unlikely to to be a video that would get a lot of views. They believed in the story enough that this particular video received more attention than some of the other videos that were destined to get more traffic.

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