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8 Movies about the Battle of the Alamo (From 1915 to 2004)

What I have come to realize after watching eight Alamo movies is that how settings, conflicts, and resolutions are exemplified makes or breaks the audience’s experience. Here is my list of the eight that I saw. From an Alamo enthusiast’s perspective I enjoyed all of them. But I am approaching this review as a regular audience member which is why I was able to narrow my recommendations down to three. I am basing the “quality” of these movies based on how well they treated the three elements I outlined : setting, conflict, and resolution.

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The comedy that should have won an Oscar in 1970. Today it is more relevant than ever!

As someone who is producing a podcast on Davy Crockett, I did my best to watch every single Alamo movie ever produced. I believe I am almost there, but there are a couple I am having a hard time getting my hands on.

One particular Alamo movie that proved to be elusive was "Viva Max." This is an irreverent comedy that portrays a tyrannical yet oddly lovable general who attempts to reoccupy the Alamo Mission one hundred and fifty years after the Texans win their independence from Mexico.

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