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Davy and Me Ep3 - The Frontiersman

When was the last time you heard some disillusioning news about a public figure you admire? I am going to make a wild guess that it wasn't too long ago. For better or for worse, the lives of famous people, both living and deceased, are receiving as much attention for their accomplishments as they are for their mistakes. When I was in Elementary School, Davy Crockett was my Hero. But then I learned something about his life which would force me to rethink what a Hero is. This third episode of Davy and Me is about that experience which many of you will be able to relate to--when our role models let us down.

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Davy and Me Ep2 - The Alamo

This second episode of "Davy and Me" is about this emotion that we Americans feel in our stomachs every time we watch rebel good guys face off against another Evil Empire. While the monuments dedicated to this ideology can be found in the movies and collective imagination, when I was a kid I had the opportunity to see first hand that place where Davy Crockett fought in the Texas Revolution. In other words, the journey in developing my identity as an American began with a movie and culminated in my pilgrimage to the actual site where the battle took place.

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