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The Alamo Story – Before the Battle of the Alamo (1715-1835)

Long before the United States of America was a thing, the construction of the San Antonio mission (the location of the chapel), was approved by a Spanish King, but largely carried out by an international organization. Commonly known as the Franciscan order, they were a community of devout Christians that had members all over the world.  They answered to Rome as much as they did to Madrid which is why years later the jealous monarchy would enact policies that would reduce their influence in the Spanish colonies in America, and everywhere else.

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The comedy that should have won an Oscar in 1970. Today it is more relevant than ever!

As someone who is producing a podcast on Davy Crockett, I did my best to watch every single Alamo movie ever produced. I believe I am almost there, but there are a couple I am having a hard time getting my hands on.

One particular Alamo movie that proved to be elusive was "Viva Max." This is an irreverent comedy that portrays a tyrannical yet oddly lovable general who attempts to reoccupy the Alamo Mission one hundred and fifty years after the Texans win their independence from Mexico.

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Davy and Me Ep2 - The Alamo

This second episode of "Davy and Me" is about this emotion that we Americans feel in our stomachs every time we watch rebel good guys face off against another Evil Empire. While the monuments dedicated to this ideology can be found in the movies and collective imagination, when I was a kid I had the opportunity to see first hand that place where Davy Crockett fought in the Texas Revolution. In other words, the journey in developing my identity as an American began with a movie and culminated in my pilgrimage to the actual site where the battle took place.

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