Does my movie suck?

My true story about a heartbroken Michigander who loses his way on a backpacking tour and then ends up nearly freezing to death in Seoul, South Korea. Whatever hardship you might be facing, if you just hang in there even just a moment longer you will see the beauty. Life is wonderful like that. 

Starring Kris Holowicki | Directed by Brian A. Crandall

For the last five or six years something has been bothering me. During my first semester of film school, I was forced into shooting a movie I wasn't quite ready to produce. I had to have something to screen otherwise I would have failed the class. Despite the uncomfortable situation, I'm not the kind of person to do a half ass job on anything even if i'm under prepared. I shot this movie on a shoestring budget and screened it in front of my classmates who all said in one way or another that the movie...well, it sucked. I organized a screening of it too, even though I felt a little ashamed. I wasn't trying to make a movie "so bad it's good." But even if I heard that it would make me feel better.

Recently, I revisited this movie though one night when I was reflecting on my film school experiences. And although I don't think "One Way Ticket" is masterpiece, I think the movie has many redeeming aspects about it. In this second episode of "A Creations" I rewatch the movie with my friend Kwon, my film partner in crime, where I re-access whether my movie truly does suck or if I am just being hard on myself.

Brian A. Crandall tackles the hard truth with his good friend Kwon Moon! Does my movie suck?

Watch “One Way Ticket” below with commentary and let me know what you think in the comments!
— A.

One Way Ticket Video Commentary

Question : Is it lame to try to ride the wave of pop trends when producing short films?

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