Davy Crockett Podcast?

On this day in 1836, my hero died unexpectedly while pursuing his dreams.  His motto was "be always sure you're right-then go ahead." He practiced what he preached and he lived an exceptional life as a storyteller and social activist. His intuitions lead him to both unprecedented achievements, but extreme hardships as well.  Even though he left this world prematurely just as his career was beginning, he lived a life as human beings were supposed to live -- Free and Passionatly.  This podcast is dedicated to him, David Crockett.

Davy and Me Podcast, Concept Art

Davy and Me Podcast, Concept Art

This is the prelude to the Hero and Me podcast which will be launching in earnest this year on the Fourth of July. HERO AND ME is a podcast that celebrates exceptionalism, not as a thing that distinguishes notable figures of the past from our own times, but as an ideal that links us together and inspires us to be the very best that we can be. Subscribe to the newsletter below if you want to be the first to receive updates on this unique audio adventure.

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Some of you might know me as the American guy trying to make movies in Korea, which is true, but I've also had a secret passion for radio drama since I was very young.  My parents will recall that I used to listen to old Orson Welles Dramas while on long car rides to visit my mother's side of the family in New York (I was raised in Michigan).  Listening to radio dramas made sitting in one place a joy even for a hyperactive child.  I hope my own work will have the same effect.

Despite this artistic sentiment of mine, I must admit that I am not so experienced in podcasting and sound design.  So I had to learn everything from scratch always keeping Davy's motto in mind, "be always sure you're right--then go ahead."  

I "went ahead," but this first episode is flawed in so many ways.  I was busy figuring out how Garageband works, how many minutes one page of text takes up, getting comfortable hearing my own voice.  And so as a result in some ways I feel like "Episode One" is like Dr. Frankenstein's monster.  But that's okay. I can promise you that each episode will get better and better.  

So what led me to produce a podcast on "Davy and Me" and what kind of audio contents are in store?  The truth is, "Davy and Me" is analogous to the Hobbit in the sense that it will be a part of a much bigger project that will continue on well into 2019.  And that bigger project, led me to the figure of Davy Crockett who happens to be my childhood hero. Episode Two will get into more detail of how I got to be interested in Davy Crockett in Elementary school.  I don't want to give too much away, but I will give you a little spoiler.

You may or may not know that Davy Crockett was an American Politician who fought in two important wars, the war of 1812 and the Texas Revolution.  Like many historical figures, his military accomplishments were often exaggerated in pop culture.  I fell in love with the exaggerations and later on as an adult I distinguished myth from reality.  It seemed to me at that time that my hero was not all that he was made out to be.  And so I became disillusioned and perhaps cynical about all quote on quote heroes.  And in this era that we live in, we are indeed more critical than we have ever been about public figures.  We have expectations for our heroes to be untainted and when we discover something unflattering about them they change from being heroes to being simply people who lived a long time ago.  We see the way famous people behave today from our media and we think that the revered individuals of the past must also be equally despicable.

This podcast is a response to this tendency to de-lionize and in the process dehumanize individuals when we should be celebrating their accomplishments and also learning from their mistakes.  It is my belief that cynicism leads to people not only losing faith in the world that they live in, but also in themselves.  If our first instinct by default is, "Hey, he couldn't have possibly done that just to be a good person.  He must have had some ulterior motive," then we will convince ourselves that we ourselves cannot possibly be good or virtuous.

I believe that people have it within themselves to live virtuous lives (I think Davy would have agreed).  Call it what you want.  Intuition, conscience, sixth sense...  Good role models who were in touch with all the above, Their example can help us grow into virtuous people.  We just have to throw away the expectation that they need to be holy men and women who were never tempted by the same vices that affect all of us everyday.

It just so happens that I chose Davy Crockett as my role model. In this podcast, I will compare and contrast his life with my own. I will reflect on my life.  I will reflect on his life.  I will share my own insecurities with you as I try to be the best artist I can possibly be.  I will engage with you on important life questions.  Ask you to participate and hopefully all of us can become better people in the process.  I'll leave it there for today and share with you the first episode of Davy and Me, Role Models.

Thank you for listening.

- Brian A. Crandall