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What the Odyssey can teach us about the need for New Media Content Leaders

New media content leaders, like Homer and his famous Odyssey, are really most concerned about the meaningful starting point and the meaningful destination. In order to acquire long term results… Customers should convert not just with their money, but with their attitudes upon arrival. Customers should feel a special attachment to their destination, like Odysseus's special attachment to his home in Ithaca.One time customers convert to loyal customers when they take the happy route of Odysseus, not the fast and unhappy one of Agamemnon.

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Could music videos be the future of transnational cinema?

This project would be the fulfillment of a dream I had when I first moved to Korea, to produce something poetically transcultural, a work that might lack the visual spectacle of international blockbusters, but reincorporates the philosophical aspect of film that we may have drifted from with the advent of talkies.

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