Brian A. Crandall


Twelve years ago I made the decision to move from Michigan to Korea. Never questioning whether switching peninsulas was a good idea or not, my convictions about new media gave me confidence. I knew that the power to inspire change through storytelling could only be harnessed if I could see the world through multiple cultural paradigms. Throughout my twenties, I had the privilege of struggling to find my place in a new culture. I became bilingual. I studied film. Things became harder before they got easy again. But I fought on, landing an awesome gig at a video marketing agency. And now my diversity of experience as a trans-cultural producer, marketer, and director gives me a new confidence that I didn't have before.

Breaking through boundaries excites me. I love the era that we live in. I see how new media produces such diversity of expression. It makes me smile and gives me hope. But the thing that gives me meaning in life is that which hasn't changed since I first left Michigan.

The contents of the stories themselves, the messages they convey, and the spiritual healing they provide--this is what motivates me in business and in art. With my tool belt that I have acquired over the last twelve years, I am making this vision a reality in the Greater New York area. I discovered my new unique voice. And now I am eager to put it to good use to inspire change through exceptional storytelling.

I never accepted the notion that creators need to specialize in any one particular medium. Rather I think it is the role of artists to push the limits of our crafts by embracing syncretism. Working out of Korea has allowed me to rethink how stories can be told. I take aesthetic elements from various different sources to produce a type of narrative that is truly my own. Through my efforts as a new media producer, I hope to enlighten and inspire by creating a bridge between what my audience already knows and what they have yet to explore.
— Brian A. Crandall