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Born and raised in the quiet suburbs of the Mid Western U.S.A, Brian A. Crandall started his Korean adventure ten years ago when he moved to Seoul earning an M.F.A in movie directing. Combining his small town sentiments with his curiosity about the world, Brian strives to develop narratives that confide sublime truth about the human condition while also introducing audiences to new things.  

I never accepted the notion that creators need to specialize in any one particular medium.  Rather I think it is the role of artists to push the limits of our crafts by embracing syncretism.  Working out of Korea has allowed me to rethink how stories can be told.  I take aesthetic elements from various different sources to produce a type of narrative that is truly my own.  Through my humble efforts as a new media producer, I hope to enlighten and inspire by creating a bridge between what my audience already knows and what they have yet to explore.
— Brian A. Crandall, CCO at Hook Media Company

Davy and Me Podcast

My latest artistic endeavor, a story about the value of having an exceptional role model.  Always wanted to make a podcast and in 2017 another goal on my bucket list will be crossed off.  Check out what I've been working on in my free time, but be gentle; it is my first solo podcasting attempt.

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Brian A Crandall Productions

For some people making movies is easy.  For me it has always been hard.   I've had to come to terms with the fact that I will never comprehend the genius of getting something done without effort.  The satisfaction I'll get is being able to keep up with those people with my crazy passion.  

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